Coins of Cossura

In trade, late 3rd early 2nd cent BCE?
In trade, 2nd cent. BCE?
mint location

Some literature. Some types also spelt Kossura. Modern Panterellia.

I want to learn more!!!

NOTICE REG counter marker and sign of Tanit on reverse, specimen in trade another great example
Example of RRC 56/3 with same counter mark. In trade.

Alföldy, Géza. “Ein römischer Ritter aus Cossura (Pantelleria).” Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, no. 151 (2005): 193-213.

APh has about 25 more relevant records but one must search Pantelleria to find them.

Also think about in light of coins of Melita (Malta), e.g.

CHECK OUT THE SPECIMENS IN BERLIN!! Go here. Then enter Cossura as your search term. Also this twitter thread.

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