Hair Grabbing Iconography

“Bronze mirror cover (16.2 cm diameter) showing a Greek warrior and a fallen Amazon, perhaps intended as Achilles and Penthesilea: ca. 375 BC. Provenance lacking prior to 1898. Image: State Hermitage Museum (ГР-7245)” via Twitter.

Earlier precedent for iconography seen in the Claudius and Britannia relief from Aphrodisias:

Any one want to remind me of coins with hair grabbing scenes?

Potentially relevant bibliography on hair grabbing (thx to Dr. Draycott for bringing to my attn!):

Aldhouse-Green, M. J. 2004. Crowning glories: languages of hair in later prehistoric Europe. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society 70 (Decemb), pp. 299-325.

Aldhouse‐Green, M. (2004), Chaining and shaming: images of defeat, from Llyn Cerrig Bach to Sarmitzegetusa. Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 23: 319-340. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0092.2004.00214.x

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