Nora Hoard – a possible votive deposit of Romano-Campanan coins from Sardinia

Deposited c. 230-225 BCE

Just reading Gorini’s admirable write up! V nice to have an archaeological context! I agree with his historical framing and lean strongly to his interpretation of it as possibly votive but not likely constitutionally foundational in anyway.

Giovanni Gorini’s A new hoard of Romano-Campanian coins from Nora (Sardinia) , in Studies in ancient coinage in honour of Andrew Burnett, R.Bland, D.Calomino eds. London 2015, pp. 31- 40

Note to self: Discussed in Jaia and Molinari 2020/2021 “The Carbognano Hoard” citing

Bonetto J., Falezza G. 2009, Scenari di romanizzazione a Nora: un deposito di fondazione e un deposito votivo per la costituzione della Provincia Sardinia et Corsica, «Sardinia Corsica et Baleares Antiquae», VII, 81-100.

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