Mên, Amastris, Who?!?

Specimen in Trade

These coins of Amastris in Paphalagonia have been studied in depth by de Callataÿ.

This funny happened in my mind. It made me think of a mash up of two RR coin types, 385/4 which I’m working on with a research assistant and 305/1 which came into the conversation about small change last week. The observation isn’t profound, or even very interesting, but the coins are nice. I wanted there to be a connection where there isn’t one because I want to know what deity is on the obverse of 385/4, or at least have satisfying speculation. BUT should I ever actually write my commentary on Memnon, the type above must be included!

Specimen in trade
Specimen in trade

Hmmmm….. I’m on to something else but came across this electrum fro Mytilene with a young Kabeiros … now this seems plausible…

MFA collection

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