Mars and Tarpeia?


I never realized I had an opinion on this or that the opinion would be controversial.  But the identity of the figures in this scene from the Basilica Aemilia (other than Tarpeia obv.) are disputed.  I lean pretty strongly to seeing the far left figure as Mars in a “this is what happens when you F*** with my city” attitude.  Maybe at a stretch I could be Romulus but I don’t think so.  Figure reads divine.

1 thought on “Mars and Tarpeia?”

  1. Hmm. In the text to which you have a link, the figure on Tarpeia’s far right (our left), not her left, is Tatius and the figure on her far left is Mars/Romulus. The large crest on the figure to her far left (our right) looks more martial and the figure on her far right (our left) is the one that looks more judgmental (at least to my eyes). Then again, easy to mess up the right/left perspectives… What are the cuff-like items you’ve highlighted in yellow…too short to be greaves and armor around the ankles seems rather useless. Too decorated to be part of shackles, I think. Curious indeed.

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