A group of colleagues read a piece of mine coming out in RBN 2020 and asked why I hadn’t given more data on Frequency.  A really fair criticism as the Esty model I use relies heavily on assumptions about the shape of coin data.  So I’m playing around with how to display that data this afternoon.  Here’s our old favorite Crepusius (n = 3366; d = 437):


Here’s how he looked back in 1997 and 2011 when used by Esty:


But wait what’s going on!? Clearly our data sets don’t match.  Esty is drawing on counts that I don’t (yet) have access to that were provided privately by Buttrey to Esty and never published!  So somewhere out there are unpublished notes of Buttrey on observed specimens that would need to be reconciled with RRDP to get more accurate counts… That’s a pain.

Okay moving on to other issues I”ll be back with more frequencies momentarily.

RRC 361





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