The whimper of small denominations


What can I say, I’m a historian and I like timelines.  They help me think about change over time [a groan-worthy unintended pun] and what patterns might be meaningful.    So I started wondering about control-mark patterns alongside how much bronze was struck and when (and maybe v v speculatively, WHY?!).

That very rare AS of Sulla in c. 82 is the last as until we get to Spain post Rubicon c. 45 …

And if you believe that the Sulla AS was struck in camp and thus not at Rome itself the last republican As of the Roman mint is Macer’s SC issue!!

Which given Macer’s backstory is really absolutely a picture perfect end point for the people’s coinage / small change of the republic.

Of course, the people (small p rather than big P, Populus) just make their own coins and that is the story Stannard has been telling us

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