Hellenistic Royal Portrait Mosaic

This isn’t a real post.  I’m too busy for a real post.  Everything I’m doing feels a little neglected as I’m doing too much.  HAPPY SEPTEMBER!  but I don’t want to lose this image or refs.

For #MosaicMonday, my second favorite Hellenistic mosaic: the stunning portrait of Berenike II, Queen of Kyrenaika and later Ptolemaic Egypt. She sports a crown made of warship prows and a fibula (brooch) with an anchor, a possible hint at her Seleukid lineage. Naval couture.

From Eduardo García-Molina

Dr. Blouin  argues this is Arsinoe II

2015. Mendès et les reines: reconsidération historique des mosaïques navales de Thmouis (Alexandrie 21739 et 21736), KOUSOULIS, P. and L. LAZARIDIS eds. Proceedings of the Tenth International Congress of Egyptologists, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, 22-29 May 2008, pp.1951-1960.

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