Praeneste Aes Grave Finds (Historic)

So reading Haeberlin, I think I can pretty safely say that there are two separate hoards(?) with the bull-head/prow semis from Praeneste.  This brings us up to 4 pieces of this type found at the site given those on display at the museum.

So first we have the one reported by Garrucci about which I blogged before.  It contained the bull-head/prow semis and the lion head/ horse head as.  We can call this the pre-1907 Martinetti hoard (when his collection sold).  The Marinetti sales catalogue is digitized.




Second we have Stettiner pre 1893 Hoard (?) or possible just site finds.  [I cannot find a digitized copy of Sangiorgi’s sales catalogue… yet.]

This contained

  • bull-head/prow semis
  • boar-head/lyre triens [Vecchi 2014: no. 281, other known findspot: Satricum]
  • club/pentagram uncia [Vecchi 2014: no. 306, other known findspot: Pietrabbondante]


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