An Aes Grave Hoard from Praeneste

Vecchi 204: no. 276 = HNItaly 357



“…A second example was found in Palestrina together with the as representing the lion’s head with the dagger between the teeth, and on the reverse the horse protome with the sign of the caduceus.”

This is referring to Vecchi 2014: no. 254 = HNItaly 249.  I can’t tell from Vecchi’s list of finds if this is one he mentioned or in addition to his list.  He mentions none from Palestrina itself but two found ‘near’. One before 1910 (following Haeberlin I’m guessing and should check later) and the other 1884 at Artena.

I also can’t tell if this little hoard is the Praeneste find of this type I mentioned in my previous post, OR ‘new’ fourth find of the type at this locale.  (I got my information for that post from Vecchi 2014.)  Must sort this out later…


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