Educating myself on Black-Jewish Relations

I don’t know much. Knowing one doesn’t know is part of the struggles, right?!  I do know it has a long history and it’s tied up in White supremacy and US patterns of oppression.

In my little corner of the US (the greater NYC area) this has been made more frought by the recent NJ City shootings.  On my campus the Africana Studies and Judaic Studies department came together to lead our response.  And I’m grateful for that.

So what am I reading and thinking about in my efforts at self education and contextualization:

A CNN article on how Fake Twitter Accounts have been attempting to breed animosity.

An introductory essay intended to be part of a curriculum program by the Jewish Women’s Archive.

I’m ordering this edited volume.  Older, but seems a good collection of essays and set on a number of syllabi (one cool 1999 syllabi) I’ve seen on this topic.

Salzman, Jack, and Cornel West. 1997. Struggles in the promised land: towards a history of Black-Jewish relations in the United States. New York: Oxford University Press.

Goodreads link

Another book I’ve read parts of and which I want to spend more time with:

Goldstein, Eric L. 2006. The price of whiteness: Jews, race, and American identity. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.

Goodreads link

Haaretz has a whole tag of article both news and opinion on Jews and Blacks

I was particularly struck by this opinion piece: “Tempted to Compare anti-Semitism With Anti-black Racism? Just Don’t”

A 2017 NPR article with historical retrospective

I’m concerned this self education program doesn’t have enough Black voices on it.  I need to think about how to fix that…

Waters, Mary. 2009. Black Identities West Indian Immigrant Dreams and American Realities. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

Discusses Jewish interactions with the Caribbean community in her introduction

Further suggestions for reading welcome.

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