an episode from the history of “cleaning” coins…

[Machine/Human translation]



… correspondence of our meritorious partner Mr. Giuseppe Scalco, of Rome, a well known restorer of ancient coins, … some passages that may interest collectors and coin restorers…

“The main basis of any work is being skilled in the art and applying it afterwards to any undertaking. For example, I applied it in the hard stone engraving and in the work carried out I did not come in last place.

“I was lucky to know the numismatist Dr. Tommaso Capo, who, well appreciating my attitude, wanted to start cleaning the coins, sure (he told me) of the useful and complete success.

“This is the principle. You will know well that the hard engraving for the execution technique has no bearing on the cleaning of the coins; yet I found, by means of my reaction wheel [??], excellent support, and today, after years of experience, I can assure you that I have an effective means which, together with the burin, another indispensable work tool, is extremely successful. As you can see, I don’t have any secrets.

“Indeed, at first sight it would seem easy to carry out, yet difficulties arise such that solving them requires having many requirements, that is, art, lightness of hand in using the burin, an eye accustomed to minute things, attitude and limitless patience.

“Frankly, I declare myself satisfied with the result obtained, and more and more satisfied with having people who highlight its importance. 

“In these years of work I have counted thousands of coins brought back to life again and I hope to increase more and more the number.

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