‘monetary’ ritual deposits at Pyrgi

I was thinking now about Santa Marinella 1927 (CHRR 21) and thus I came across this great article on Pyrgi finds (see below for map illustrating how close the two sites are).  The author spends most of her time on the lead ingots, but obviously I’m really intrigued by the aes rude in a pot (olla).  The article suggests a fifth to fourth century BCE context.
Ideas that I’m really interested in this article is how the weights of the metal offerings (both bronze and lead) may be standardized in some way and might at the end of the 4th century even show influence of the Roman pound (p. 193).
Other idea that I’m excited about is the association of bronze with the local Fertility Goddess and lead with Chthonic deities…
The Italian is dense and technical and is taking me some time to be sure I’m comprehending the full implications.
L. Drago, “Le offerte in metallo: riflessioni preliminari sugli aspetti formali, ponderali ed economici,” in Riflessioni su Pyrgi, Suppl. e Monografie Rivista «Archeologia Classica» 11, n.s. 8, a cura di M. P. BAGLIONE, D. GENTILI, Roma 2013, pp. 167-194.




An English Language Paper on the Sanctuary in General and also discussing Aes rude Olla hoard:




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