Quaestor Issues

UPDATE 2/4/22: see now, Sánchez 2021 (related blog post).

One day “in my copious free time” I want to write up a history of the public image of the quaestorship as presented on coinage.  Here are are bunch of images that I’m not going to write up properly now because of how long today’s to do list is…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ideas I want to think more about:

  • The Mithridatic-esque head on Macedonian provincial issues as compared to a similar look on Republican coins
  • The Q of the EETIA (FETIA) coins and the Q the Amisos issue AND the RPC 5409-5411 bronzes
  • The moneybox versus modius imagery
  • The sceptre/rod imagery with the subsellium
  • Tamios and the translating of Latin titles into Greek
  • The togate representation of figures and the pig oath scene the EETIA type (earlier posts)
  • Anonymous vs. Named quaestors


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