Calories again

Calorie estimates might be just as disputed as die estimates, maybe even more.  And they are clearly just as important to any estimates about the Roman economy, state finances.  I was struck reading this book review (by accident as I end up reading most interesting things) was how different these numbers are than discussion of feeding the city of Rome. I’m also curious when reading about the Roman grain supply that I didn’t come across this work then.  As RRDP takes off, thinking about how the data can help us think about the economy will often come back to grain supply issues.  So, I’m just flagging this for follow up:

Jonathan P. Roth, The Logistics of the Roman Army at War (264 BC – AD 235).   Leiden:  Brill, 1998.

From Goldsworthy’s BMCR review:


Goldsworthy goes on to talk about Roth’s discussion of the economic repercussions of grain distribution in a raw, not prepared state.  Another key issue also for the urban grain supply.

earlier post on calories

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