Organization Crisis

I don’t have writer’s block. I haven’t really since I started this blog.  Good thing.  I used to hate to write.  Now it is a happy place.   I’ve got a new problem.  I can’t find an organizational structure that lets me be concise.  My instincts towards completeness keep driving up my word count.  I need 40,000 words.  50,000 MAX.    That seems impossible.   The file I have now that is supposed to be my short version with just four chapters is already at 11,000 and I’m not done with chapter 1, not by half.  This is a structure problem.   I need some framework that lets me know what NOT to include.  Something that lets me throw out the damn kitchen sink if it is stopping me from building the house.

My strategy for fixing this problem is first to write about it here.  (Better than moaning and avoiding and feeling sorry for myself)  It is an intellectual challenge after all. And then second, to look at other writer’s short organizational principles.

Right now I found the hard copy version of this on my bookself:


So how could I imitate that?

Coins and the Economy

Coins and Exempla

Coins and Empire

Coins and the Enemy






These are no-chronological but hell chronology hasn’t been working for me.  Let’s play these out a little further.


what motivates the state to strike?

At first she doesn’t!

Early State expenditures – Via Appia? and Aes Grave with the Maritime Defense Network

Distribution of Booty – Currency bars, Gold Donatives

S.C. issues – Caepio Piso and Faustus

Small Change Problem, Bay of Naples

when does coinage change?

spendibility, you make what is familiar to those you pay!

debasement lower weight standards of the quadrigati –> introduction of denarius (c. 211BCE)

Retariffing and new accounting Systems, correlated to increased creativity in the designs (c. 140s BCE)

is quantification possible?

Old debate: dies-to-coins

Lockyear’s different approach


Juno Moneta and the importance of exempla in Roman Culture

Our Myths,Their History – Numa, Brutus

individuals, families, and the state

Minucii, Marcii, Aemilii, Marcell(in)us

Wait a second… that’s not really true…

a god-given empire and the ‘just’ war

Wolf and Twins, Roma, Genio Pop Rom,

Appropriating symbols of the enemy: falcata, torque, elephant, kneeling barbarian, Macedonian shield



who revolts and why

Capua during Hannibalic War, Social War, Sicilian Slave Rebellion

the enemy within?

Sulla and the Marians

The dominance of Pompey

responding to rebellion

Conquering by a place? Sicily, Spain, etc…

After Catiline, coins of 62 BCE

Rejecting Autocracy 75 coins and broken diadem imagery in late 50s


Manpower: recruitment and colonization: Narbo, Quinarii

Popular Politics

Grain refs, Ludi refs, Voting Refs


did anyone ever look at the coins?

when to question the dates assigned to coins

how to find relevant evidence for your own work


Hmm.  Okay enough time outlining on the blog.  I’m still pessimistic but less so.


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