Pythagoras as Visual Pun, Redux


Abdera, May S. 178 Group LXXVIII (A 177 / P 183/1 stgl.). Jameson III 1999 (Var., Vs. stgl.)

In 2013 when I first blogged about this type I couldn’t find an image of this type.  And it irritated me no end.  30 secs of searching in 2018 and it popped right up.

Gosh I love blogging as a searchable linkable record of my thinking.

I very much wish this specimen had been acquired by a public collection.

Key catalogue note:

” The bearded head of a man on the reverse seems not to be a portrait of the local authority responsible for the issue (cf. G.M.A.Richter, The Portraits of the Greeks, p. 79 fig. 305). On the contrary this head is certainly an idealized one and rather a canting device on the name of Pythagoras, the famous philosopher and mathematician.”

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