Elephant Scalps Again

So I’m reading Kopij NAC 2016, 106-127 on RRC 402 at this moment and it was really bothering me I didn’t have an image to hand of this (unique) coin (I do hate unique coins).  Both he and Maritz 2001 cite SNG Copenhagen but don’t illustrate.  Much to my delight this website on Magna Grecia gave me the Jenkins SNR 50 reference which let me track an image down.  I now see why Panormos and Camarina are preferred IDs.  The reverse looks very much like the reverses of those two cities at the end of the fifth beginning of the fourth centuries BCE.

It is much like many glass paste representations and not much like other early coin types…  No particularly personal theories yet…


Update 5/9/2022:

Emory 2008.031.031

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