2 thoughts on “Dacian Mash Up?”

  1. For info about the provenance of that coin you might write to Dr. William R. Day at the Fitzwilliam (who has graciously taken on some of the late, and much lamented, Ted Buttrey’s work there). If you need his e-mail address, you are welcome to e-mail me for it. For info about Gaeto-Dacian imitations of Roman Republican coins, you might look at Phil Davis’ fairly recent article available on Academia.edu at https://www.academia.edu/29448651/Dacian_Imitations_of_Roman_Republican_Denarii . He once had a webpage on these with an effort to catalogue them but I don’t recall its location and don’t know if it is available at present. These are quite interesting (I have a few and an Eraviscian example too) and range from excellent copies to absolutely blundered, inept pieces.

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