Servius Tullius on a Coin?

I’m thinking about potential connections between RRC 372/1 and RRC 334/1.  This is building off of an old post of mine.

These are the only two scenes of sacrifice on the republican series, other than those which show the creating of a foedus (oath scenes with a pig).

Anyway.  I just wanted throw up this 1924 commentary on Plutarch’s Roman Questions.


Vir. Illus. 7 and Cic. Att. 15.17

The question is: was the de Viris Illustribus actually preserving an alternative ancient tradition or was it just an error?  Antro in Cicero appears to be a freedman and Antro his slave name which are often chosen for ethnic connotations  (cf. Cic. Fam. 15.20.1).

Curiatius is a name most associated with Alba in Latin literature (general survey, but note esp. Livy 1.30).



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