Sulla at Vibo Valentia?

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The auction catalogue of this specimen linked this type of Sulla’s with Vibo Valentia.   An interesting idea not in Crawford (“275 – Q Mint-uncertain 81 BC”).  Here’s the CRRO link for 375/2 (375/1 is the same type in gold).

Where did the idea come from?  Clearly it is inspired by the iconographic similarities of the Semis type of the colony (HN 2263):

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I picked a specimen that makes the visual parallels most evident.  The styles vary considerably over the years; see this set of results for a quick demonstration of this stylistic variety.

I traced the idea back to Bahrfeldt via Alföldi but it may go back further.

Is it plausible?  Maybe.  None of the hoards containing this type come from Southern Italy, but that isn’t definitive by any means:

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Didn’t know a collection of Alföldi’s papers were translated into English?  Me neither until today!  Here’s the Table of Contents.

Note to future self: I also really want to think more about what it means that the carnyx is used as a mint mark at this colony…



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