Minerva, not Mars


All images in this post link to acsearch.info entries

I just wanted to put these two types next to each other (RRC 306/1 and 476/1).  They are a great example of the long memory of earlier types at the Roman mint.  I check myself.  Perhaps a long memory more generally as RRC 476/1 is thought not to be struck at Rome.  I wonder is Massilia might not be a likely place for its design and possible striking.  I was made to wonder this because of the clear relationship between RRC 306/1 and RRC 365/1, both struck by Flacci, but the latter at Massilia, and of course Caesar’s pre occupation with events in the Hispania and So. Gaul during his third Dictatorship (46 BCE, 45 BCE).  The desirability of Minerva instead of Mars in 46-45BCE is surely that the former is viewed as the more rational of war gods, and thus perhaps more attractive during the midst of the civil war.  (I’m also struck by the lack of hoards from So. Italy or points east for 306/1…  It is found North of the Appenines, in Spain, and Britain.  Worth further thought perhaps. CRRO is a glorious thing!)


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