Really a Rather Strange Capitoline Triad

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I never realized how odd this early representation of the Capitoline Triad is (CRRO entries).  I can’t think of another instance where Minerva is crowning Jupiter.  This type of crowning we’ve talked about elsewhere on this blog.  It has a very specific Hellenistic iconography.  And then just look at Jupiter!  He’s hunky.  A perfect six pack.  Not to mention the nice slinky S curve of his contraposto pose and and 3/4 profile head with a crown of hair worthy of Helios and not a hint of beard.  This is certainly not what the cult statues on the Capitoline actually looked like.   And not at all what we get in most other representations of the Triad.

(Also notice below how much more often Minerva is on the left not the right.)






Severan Coin:


The Bonn Altar might actually be the closest, but still no crowning imagery:




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