18 and 19 out of 410 Days: W/O A/C

Finished up a script and slides for my talk on the 15th at the end of Wednesday and suggested to SDA that we take the Tandem to PA for a little overnight visit with his parents before doing fireworks with his brother in NJ.  The family is a wee bit concerned about our decamping to Turkey for 10 months and we want to spend as much time with them as possible before we go.

Arriving back in the state of grace otherwise known as Brooklyn, I find that 36 hours in A/C has made me much less eager to get on with working with just a fan.  We’ve been doing summer without our window units, partly to save the pennies, partly to be green, partly because we haven’t yet hit that “can’t stand it a second longer” point.

I keep considering linking this blog to my FB, but it feels very academically naked.  Which it  would be.  Which would be the point.  To take the pride out of the process.  The posts here aren’t finished products: just little reflections of my imperfect thinking along the way.  Public practice.

Today’s goal is try to put to bed the overdue book review.  And, write back to a couple of very nice numismatists who I asked to help me source an image of a rare coin type, the only specimen of which might be in Paris.  I love how happy coin geeks are to share what they know with one another.  The enthusiasm is palpable.  Makes it easier to ask for help.

update a few hours later:  I broke down and plugged in the little A/C next to me in hopes of it raising general levels of productivity.  The cats seem happily intrigued by the change.

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