EID MAR reception

a round up of images just for fun

Year of the 4 emperors, link to interesting twitter thread by Lauren Donovan Ginsberg, PhD illustrated with this specimen, specimen link

OCRE entry

“Lorenzino de’ Medici. 1514-1548. Medal (Bronze, 36mm, 26.40 g 6), on the murder of Alessandro de’ Medici on 6 January 1537” link (cf. another type)
link – note dagger and Phrygian cap on base (cf. year seven restrike which shows both daggers more clearly)
Dassier’s Beauty
Paduan 16th century (link)
Drawing of a gem said to have been found 1728 in the ‘Agro Cortonensi’, clearly Tassie and Wedgwood’s inspiration
Pichler (also imitated by Wedgwood)

There are said to be more Galba specimens in Haag (now Leiden), Turin, and Vienna.

Civil wars under Galba; BnF specimen
BM R.10085

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