RRC 16: Lion Left!

Schaefer archive

In my Satricum post I note that Termeer and Prins 2021 observed there was found:

“one Lion bronze (no. 38) with reverse lion to the left is a variety of RRC 16/1a and 1b, only known from Vicarello and Carsoli”

I made a note in my copy of RRC of the new subtype and moved on, now today while reading Catalli 2014 on the Nemi finds (scan on file), I notice that there too a lion left was listed there among “rinvenimenti soradici” stray finds from the sanctuary area.

How amazingly odd to have a sub-type that keeps turning up well provenanced, but with almost no presence in trade. Of course, Schaefer knows of one such specimen that sold in 1990, but I can find no more with a quick search of the usual databases.

RRC 16

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