Early Aes Grave in Milan

I’m sitting in the ANS library post lecture and allowing myself a little time with the Belloni 1960 catalogue.

Image from Schaefer archive.

The RRC 4/1 bar has really weird edges. I’m trying to think how the could have occurred. Some pits and holes are common enough, but the number and the gathering of them at the edges seems v strange indeed. Did it come out of the mold like this? Is this the resule of deposition. Note that on the eagle side there is a significant straight/smooth edge on the right. I notice that the BM bar is broken or rough on the left side as well with the right edge smoother than the other sides. My current thought is that this was cast single entry with that smooth right edge being opposite the entry point of the molten metal.

The coins below are also in the Schaefer archive but I wanted to to have the full plates as well.

Relevant catalogue pages

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