Funding for Faculty

an incomplete list mostly for my own use

Institute for Advanced Study, School of History (Princeton) – October 15 Deadline

Residential, salary replacement up to 39-78k, half or full year, no letters of reference required for those 10 years out from PhD!

Rome Prize (American Academy in Rome) – Nov 1 Deadline

residential, 15-30k plus housing, family friendly, 1/2 years and full years

ARIT (Ankara for ancient studies) – Nov 1 Deadline

residential, 4-12 months, 5k per month

Loeb Classical Library Fellowship – Nov 6 Deadline

non-residential, 1-40k

NEH public scholar book grant – Nov 15 Deadline

non-residential, 30-60k – can be be held with other awards, writing sample must be in the style of proposed book, if not actual sample chapter, letter of interest/intent from publisher recommended

ISAW – Nov 20

Center for Hellenic Studies (DC) – Dec 1 Deadline

residential, 5-40k plus housing, travel costs, one month, one semester, or full year options (not clear about partners/kids, must ask)

ANAMED (Istanbul) – Dec 15 Deadline

residential, covers local cost of living for singles and couples, but not families, some travel and research funds, 1/2 year for senior scholars, full year everyone

Berlin Museums – Dec 30 Deadline

residential, 1-3 months, 1200 euro stipend per month plus 500 euro for travel

Tytus Fellowship (Cincinnati) – March 15 Deadline

residential, $1500 a month plus housing, (not clear about partners/kids, must ask)

NEH Fellowship – April 15 Deadline

non-residential, 6-12 months max award: $60,000 ($5,000 per month) project can start in January, need not start with academic year (only about 7% of apps are funded)

Fulbright Awards

Start planning in Spring as lots of steps, Deadline in the Aug 15 to Sept 15 range typically

Guggenheim Fellowship – Mid September Deadline

Berlin Prize (AAD) – End of Sept

residential, 5k per month, plus housing, family friendly,

ICS fellowships are currently suspended but will likely resume in future (residential London)

2 thoughts on “Funding for Faculty”

  1. In the list, I see “Berlin Museums – Dec 30 Deadline” .
    Are you still intending to go to Berlin to photograph the
    RR struck signed AE?

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