gens FURIA

Crassipes specimen link; Brocchus specimen link

Seeing these coins juxtaposed next to each other in a catalogue organized alphabetically by gens, makes the overlapping reverse iconography so obvious. It never occurred to me the curule chair as the reverse type might be familial or familial inspired. Perhaps not but must be considered.

The gens Furia has 62 members listed in the prosopographical database; of which five have the cognomen Crassipes. Brocchus from the coin is the only known Brocchus. Other gens use this later cognomen as well, but we have no epigraphic record of any Furius Brocchus (as far as I can tell relying on Clauss-Slaby database) .

Brocchus is cognomen based on a physical attribute like so many of them, meaning bucktoothed (very old blog post from near the start of my blogging). Valerius Maximus (6.1.13) did know of one Gnaeus Furius Brocchus, perhaps this man’s father or son?, who was was accused of adultery and when caught it is said in the act, turned over to be raped by the slaves of the wronged husband/father (?).

RRC 356/1

RRC 414/1

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