Slides from May 24th NUMISMA talk

This talk shifted from slides to discussion of this twitter thread as an example of how online platforms (social media, including message boards) can be places where serious knowledge sharing and expertise takes place. I also demonstrated and how it could be used to collaboratively annotate and connect CRRO to past and present scholarship, either publicly or in dedicated working groups. This could mimic and expand the personal marginalia many of us already have added to our personal copies of RRC. I pointed out that this works for existing typology but has limited functionality for integrating new types.

Screenshot of demo annotation in a private group using Chrome plug in.

I’ve been reading and thinking with this book a great deal.

This talk was unscripted and very informal in delivery; not even a work in progress but rather a thinking piece. It was recorded but has not (yet?) been released publicly. If you have a keen interest in seeing it do let me know.

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