Notes on Dies

From Malkmus 2007 (PDF on file):

Here the thing the jumps out is the means of aligning but not necessarily strictly controlling die axis:

Here I reproduce his list of known Republican dies for ease of future reference:

RICHARD J.-C.M. 1977, Un coin monétaire de la République romaine découvert à La Tour de
France, «BSFN», 32, 4, pp. 184-185, 187
(digitized on Gallica!!)

Consult PDF for Geto Dacian.

ROBERTSON J.D. 1878, A Handbook to the Coinage of Scotland, London; reprint Argonaut,
Chicago, 1968, xxvii, 146 pp.
Complete speculation but given how rarely CORNEL- appears on coins as a legend, seems likely this may be RRC 310/1.

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