“Indian” Rhetoric

While preparing for my graduate seminar last night I found references to the importance of Bingham’s Columbian Orator to classical reception particularly the reception of Cato and Addison’s Cato. All things of deep interest to me.

This morning as I was cleaning up my open tabs I couldn’t help but browse the table of contents and noticed an ‘anonymous’ speech:

Image links to book on archive.org

This is bizarre and also not unexpected.  It so well typifies beliefs about the ‘Noble Savage’ and ‘right’ relations with indigenous peoples.  I wondered if anyone had written on it, but then I remembered how much I had to do so I am throwing up this blog post.  When I return to it I want to start here:

Stockbridge Indian papers, 1739-1915.
Collection Number: 9185

Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections
Cornell University Library

BUT I also want to think about the possible influence of the Bingham version of the speech on the Lewis speech to the Yankton Sioux!  Note especially the use of the FAMILIAL VOCATIVE!

Opening excerpt

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