Fannius’ Temple

On this type now see, Oliver Hoover’s blog post.


ANS specimens with images; Yale specimens with images

Cody, Jane M. “New Evidence for the Republican Aedes Vestae.” American Journal of Archaeology 77, no. 1 (1973): 43-50.  doi:10.2307/503231.

(ref thx to McCabe)

Cody connect this type to RRC 428.


BUT Zollschan, Linda. (2007). The Temple on the Cistophori of C. Fannius. Klio. 89. 125-136. 10.1524/klio.2007.89.1.125.  Say NO, not a temple of Vesta but related to the Bona Dea and thus to the prosecution of Clodius.

I don’t have an opinion YET….

Must check Metcalf, Carbone, and Elkins…

Updates 5/26/21:

Prosopographical entry.

specimen showing deity on top of temple most clearly, cf. this specimen
specimen show railing most clearly
Cataloger for this specimen sees Athena on the roof and Nemesis right. Similar specimen similar label. Why? because of the Athena Tholos at Delphi perhaps?
This type by same magistrate suggests the strong Fannius temple connection. Notice not only same name but same symbol (flutes?) in the right field.
Entrance to a shrine with a tholos on a podium, with a statue of Venus Anadiomena.
Roman fresco depicting the entrance to a shrine with a tholos on a podium, with a statue of Venus Anadiomena (Venus coming out of the water) to which two women bring offerings of flowers. On both sides, fishes and partridges and, at the top, a theatrical mask and another of a satyr. Cubiculum. North wall. Pompeian House VI. 1st century BC. National Archaeological Museum, Naples, Italy. (Photo by: PHAS/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Public domain image
Cubiculum (bedroom) from the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale, Fresco, Roman
Met image
Notice statue on top.

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