Fannius’ Temple


ANS specimens with images; Yale specimens with images

Cody, Jane M. “New Evidence for the Republican Aedes Vestae.” American Journal of Archaeology 77, no. 1 (1973): 43-50.  doi:10.2307/503231.

(ref thx to McCabe)

Cody connect this type to RRC 428.



BUT Zollschan, Linda. (2007). The Temple on the Cistophori of C. Fannius. Klio. 89. 125-136. 10.1524/klio.2007.89.1.125.  Say NO, not a temple of Vesta but related to the Bona Dea and thus to the prosecution of Clodius.

I don’t have an opinion YET….

Must check Metcalf, Carbone, and Elkins…



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