More Bibliography…

Hobbs, Richard. “Bes, butting bulls, and bars : the life of coinage at Pompeii.” In The economy of Pompeii, Edited by Flohr, Miko and Wilson, Andrew. Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy, 339-362. Oxford: Oxford University Pr., 2017.

Abstract:  “Analysis of the Republican coins found in the excavation by the Anglo-American Project in Pompeii of insula VI 6 in the north of Pompeii, with an emphasis on the circulation, in the 2nd and early-1st cents. B.C., of large quantities of coins from cities in the western Mediterranean, particularly Ebusus and Massalia. Alongside these, there were locally or regionally produced imitations of these coins. Both sets of coins shed new light on the commercial ties of Pompeii and the Bay of Naples region during the period. Based on exploration of the relation between coin finds and coin use, it is argued that in insula VI 6 coins were found mostly in places with a commercial function, and come from houses only rarely.”

I’d love to hear what Stannard thinks of this write up…

Cf.  Pardini, Giacomo. “« Consumo » e « produzione » di moneta a Pompei tra tarda repubblica e primo impero: spunti per una riflessione.” Annali dell’Istituto Italiano di Numismatica 59 (2013): 101-142.

Abstract:  “Presentation of the discoveries in Regio VIII.7.1-15 of Pompeii of Ebusitana and Massaliota money and of imitations issued by the so-called pseudo-mint of Pompeii, occurred by the University of Cincinnati during the 2005-2009 excavation campaigns. The introduction to Pompeii of the coins of Ebusus and Massalia can be dated to the first half of the 2nd century. a.C., the circulation of the Pompeian imitations is a little later (120-80 / 70 BC approx.) and both phenomena are due to the historical and economic dynamics that affected the western Mediterranean at that time.

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