Maps of Coins Finds in Etruria (From Pulcinelli 2015)

From: Pulcinelli, Luca. “MONETE E CIRCOLAZIONE MONETARIA IN ETRURIA MERIDIONALE NEL III SECOLO A.C.” Archeologia Classica 66 (2015): 481-92.

The author kindly made the paper available online, but the open access version does not have legible maps. These below are slightly more readable and are screenshots from Jstor.  [Don’t get eye strain!]

Stuff to note: Ceveteri (Caere) missing from maps 1-2.  Vulci missing from maps 1 and 4.  How Cosa coins hug the coast.  Rather frustrating (to my present work) that RRC 21 is lumped in with 14 and 18 on map 4…  Ghiaccio Forte Punic coin finds v interesting given high density of aes rude reported at the site.  Also that no Punic coins are identified in the HUGE Vicarello find.



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