Political defacement of a coin, anti-Roman sentiment?

As evidence that this alliance did not meet universal approval we cite an example of this very coinage on which the reverse inscriptions were chiseled away (NAC 9, 1996, lot 115), presumably by a dissatisfied Locrian.
quoted from here.
Right now I need to find an image of this coin…  Grrr….
My earlier posts discussing Locri, esp. this issue.
Addendum.  Also, I’ve been describing the object held by Roma wrong.  Its a parazonium.  Clearly.  I of all people should have realized this.  (earlier relevant post).  This is relevant for dating how early it becomes an attribute of Roma.

1 thought on “Political defacement of a coin, anti-Roman sentiment?”

  1. Since the coin you are looking for is in an NAC catalogue, you could reach out to either Basil Demitriadi in Athens (although he has sold off most of his extraordinary collection, I believe he still maintains his library of catalogues) or Dr. W.R. Day, at the Fitzwilliam in Cambridge (until Ted Buttrey’s passing he was always ready to share an image from the Fitz’s extensive collection of catalogues and I understand Dr. Day has taken over his duties). If you need an e-mail address for either, you can write to me, privately, at klf@ksf-law.com .

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