Ways to Say ‘No’ to Service Asks

It can be hard to know how to decline tempting offers to engage in new service opportunities.  This is a letter I sent off this morning:
Dear XXX,
I’m honored to be asked.  However, I’ve resolved to take on no further service commitments until my present book projects are launched and I’m in a better position to apply for full.  CUNY has a 3-4 teaching load and I was made chair immediately upon being tenured.  I’ve not been able to give as much time as I’d like to publications and thus have been at the rank of Associate for ten years.
In a few years, as I reach my personal research goals, I’d love to be asked again for this an similar opportunities to support my colleagues in their own publications.
In the interim, may I point you to the wonderful resource: http://woah.lib.uiowa.edu/: a crowd sourced list of female ancient historians.   Or, if you want to consider an open call for applications for the position you might advertise the opening in the next newsletter of the Association of Ancient Historians.  http://associationofancienthistorians.org/
With gratitude,

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