Forger’s inspiration or fantastic alternate history?

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I’m thinking about Eunus (a.k.a. King Antiochus of Sicily) today and that led me back to this unique coin.  Unique coins are a problem.  And this one has a friend.  Another unique coin.  Another problem.  They are listed as Enna 15, 16 by Campana.Capture.JPG

I don’t want to repeat Morton 2009.  Other than to emphasize this opinion:

“Andrew Burnett and Keith Rutter, on the other hand, regard both coins as fakes. (Personal Comment, July 2008).”

All I have to add is what I think the likely inspiration of both coins may be.  RRC 335/1 or 2 (late 90s Crawford, 91 BCE Mattingly).


This same reverse was resurrected in 59 BCE by RRC 421/1.


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