Hercules’ Lion Pellet

Andrew McCabe’s Image

I’m working on illustrations for the book and hence have been looking at a good number of specimens.  One of the fun things I noticed about some, but not all, specimens of RRC 229 is that they take the time to represent bottom half of Hercules’ lion pellet.  No. 1 on the image above shows the care taken to represent the fur of the lion scalp, but look a no. 2!  that a tail and more furry pelt flying out behind the god.  Fun.   By contrast other dies reduce the to just a little squiggle of flying drapery, as in the image below.capture

A little crankiness: So CRRO seems to have made up a new RRC number, 229/2, this seems to be just a data entry error, but could cause much confusion.  Also, it gives RRC 229/1a and 1b separate dates.  Again a typo, but potentially problematic.  I used to send these errors in for correction, but they don’t seem to have a fixed procedure for cleaning up the data yet, and thus my emails were just a nuisance.   Ho Hum.  One day.  Still a great resource.

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