A Coin about Coins

“Paestum. Semis early first century, æ 4.28 g. Q· LAR·PR Scales weighting ear of corn; in exergue, Pæ. Rev. SPDDS·S Two workmen in the act of coining; in field l., MIL. In exergue, S. SNG Copenhagen 1372. M. Crawford, Studies Price, Paestum and Rome. The Form and Function of a Subsidiary Coinage, 25/1. Historia Numorum 1238.”

Crawford interprets the legend as ” Q. Laur(entius ?) praetor sua pecunia dono dedit Senatus sententia milia (or miliens): “The praetor Q. Laur. out of his own money and by consent of the Senate (of Paestum) gave as a present (to his fellowcitizens) thousands (of this coin)”. To what end is suggested by the obverse; to buy a measure of subsidised wheat.”

[Text taken from auction description. Click image to go to acsearch.info entry.]

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