The limits of a database

The longer one spends in a database the more the errors and weaknesses appear.  I love CRRO it has so much potential and is lovely and fast and easy to use and stable.

But… because nothing is perfect… I’m finding little data entry errors…

Crawford lists RRC 335 as late 90s BC, which any one used to thinking BC will know is likely to mean 95-90 BC or thereabouts.  However the entries in CRRO were clearly made by some well meaning individual more used to thinking in A.D./C.E.  All the  types are entered as a mixture of 99-96 or just 96, none of which represents what Crawford intended.  And Mattingly 1998 agreed estimating 91 BC for these moneyers:

Chart is taken from p. 206 of Mattingly’s collected works.

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