Perseus or Bellerophon?

So I got lost in a single coin when I should have been working on my paper.  Rats.  These things happen.  Here’s my brain dump on the subject.

links to acsearch entry
links to jstor

So I got here through this bit of Rawson and her affirmation of a similarity between this type and that of Crepereius which will be in my type.  Of course, there are lots of Bellerophon, Pegasus, and Chimera intaglios.  Here’s just one example:

links to museum entry (an Etruscan version in the Emory Museum)

It’s much rarer to find even a mention of an intaglio with Bellerophon and without the Chimera.  I think I may have located just two, but neither are photographed so it could just be a cataloguing oversight not to mention the Chimera (example 1, example 2).

Then I noticed that Bellerophon is wearing a Phrygian Cap.  Very strange indeed.  In literary sources Bellerophon is from Corinth even if the battle with the Chimera is set in Lycia, like his other adventures (Amazons etc…).

The dude with the Phrygian hat associated with Medusa is Perseus, especially in Roman art.

Detail from landscape with Perseus and Andromeda from Imperial Villa at Boscotrecase in the Met


Mosaic from Zeugma
Philip V in the guise of Perseus notice winged Phrygian Helmet (links to acsearch entry)
Coin of Amisos from from Mithridatic War; Perseus and Pegasus (links to acsearch entry)

Literature on these coins.

And in modern reception:

links to google books

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