Sol, Alexander the Great, and Mithridates

And while we’re discussing CRRO 437/1a, I’d just like to point out the similarities between the rendering of Sol on this type and the design of the obverse of 405/5:

On this type and the connection to the coinage of Mithridates Eupator see this early post. For me the the real clue is the poof of hair at the top of the forehead in addition to the snaky free flowing locks.  The up swoop and free locks are both derived ultimately from the portraiture of Alexander the Great:

And of course we must throw into the mix, how Alexander’s iconography in turn effected divine imagery especially the image of Helios on the coinage of the Rhodians:

Notably the same style is also used on 428/3:

1 thought on “Sol, Alexander the Great, and Mithridates”

  1. What verifiable basis do we have for attributing the statuary as likenesses of Alexander? Modern attributions of ancient portraits lacking contemporaneous inscriptions are notoriously difficult and prone to delusions of grandeur! In order to make the visual link to the coins, I think you also need to argue that the statues have been correctly identified as Alexander. BTW, I enjoy your website!

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