161 out of 410 days: Just a nice visual parallel and an update

Buste af en havnymfe (?). Hellenistisk-romersk ringsten

I was thrilled to find how much the Thornvaldsen Museum has digitized, especially their gems.  To that end here’s a nice illustration of the same subject as this obverse design from RRC 399/1:

In the past week I’ve let go a draft of a chapter to my editor.  A long overdue step.  I became very anxious about the Minucii and their column on which I’ve written many thousands of words that I no longer believe the more I look at the coins. I also wrote some about the coins of Lepidus the future triumvir.  The Minucii material may end up on this blog once I’ve figured out what I think about it all.  The Lepidus material will probably end up as a publication.   I’ve also been reading about written ballots at Rome.  I’ve struggled with the residency permit process and I’ve entertained a dear old friend.  So many words but not much blogging.

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