81 thru 87 out of 410 days: Returning to a State of Grace

I did not coin the phrase, ‘The State of Grace, otherwise known as Brooklyn.’  That honor goes to an old friend who one December 31 I texted her asked what state she was in meaning was she still in the great Midwestern state of our birth and formative years or had she too already returned to NY.   I’ve adopted her reply as my watchword ever since.

Here I am myself.  The self I’ve chosen to be in my adulthood.  Here I know I am no better or worse than each of my neighbors.   Here I am home.

The details of domesticity and nostalgia from my sojourner on the great plains don’t have much of a place here.  The dissertation got read.  There were few to no coins except in the final chapter just to tease me a little.  The viva was won in the first moments by a brilliant opening statement far surpassing the introduction or conclusion of the written piece.  When the snake emerged, most of the committee joined in the defense.

And, yesterday was a good solid writing day with no blogging because I needed that.  I need just the peace of being at work.

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