27, 28, and 29 out of 410 Days: Keeping Count

Maybe I should been counting down instead of counting up my days.  I could then focus on how much time was left instead of how much has passed.  Not that I suppose it matters.  Since I started this blog it turns out I was using a faulty pedometer that was under representing the distances I ran and thus telling me my average speed was very slow indeed.  I discovered this after my run on day 27 on a course of a known distance.  It shouldn’t matter.  I’ve been running what I’ve been running, regardless of what number(s) it is a assigned.  And yet, I still feel as if the inaccuracy makes it for naught.   This can work the other way in my faulty logic as well: if I don’t weigh myself there is no number so there is nothing to worry about.  

I finished a full draft of the book review.  Its 1,200 words too long.  Or 150% more than they wanted in the first place.  I think I know some cranky bits I’ll cut out, but I’m going to sleep on it.  I waited until today to write up my notes because I wanted a weekend of distance to see the forest for the trees.  I see a forest now, but I have a hunch a couple of my points are out of step with how others in the discipline see things.  A conversation or two will help.  I’m noticing is as a pattern in my writing process.  It should stop surprising me.

The review will still be too long after my cuts.  I’ll send it in regardless.  

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