16 out of 410 Days: Planning Rollercoaster

This is a pre-run post.  I want to give the phone like five minutes on the charger so I get a full dose of mind numbing music while I pound the pavement.  

The potential Istanbul house for 10 months had begun to terrify me.  Luckily, SDA’s enthusiasm is unwavering.    So, it was something of a relief that the owners hadn’t written back since last Thursday.  Maybe it would fall through and not be my fault.  But!  Then a close colleague/friend wrote to me this morning interested in subletting and cat-sitting for us.   I hadn’t realized how much of my anxiety was about leaving my home to strangers and moving the kitties out of their familiar territory.  Now that we might have that solved I want to put the money down on the Turkish home lickety-split!   I am sure to change my mind a dozen more times about how I feel about the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “16 out of 410 Days: Planning Rollercoaster”

  1. I’ve rather a vision of you staying in somewhere described by Orhan Pamuk, perhaps a house out of Istanbul, Memories and the City! Wherever you stay, Pamuk is what I’ll think of, that’s what Istanbul still feels like me today.

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