13, 14,15 out of 410 Days: Switching Gears

So the on-the-spot feedback from a colleague was hugely successful.  I asked her to do what I do with students.  I gave her a copy and read aloud from my copy and told her to interrupt me and ask questions about the ideas and expression of ideas as we went along.  I loosened up and got less attached to the words on the page and filled in the gaps in logic and significant sidelines of thought and interconnections between the sections.  It felt magical.  I stayed writing at her living room table and let her read the final bits until it was done, done.  Except for copyediting.  Oh the dreadful typos I create.  SDA has volunteered his services.  We talked through it over the weekend and he seems genuinely desirous of doing it.   Partnership and all that.  Thus its off my plate and onto his.

The weekend was mostly the Tour, and new friends, and tandem riding, and photo sorting, and fridge cleaning, and mentoring a former student…  I did look at the book review and realize I need some of the early volumes in the series before I can finish it.  That’s a trip to campus to the library.   And, I need to pick up mail etc etc.

BUT the book review is not the major goal I must remind myself.  Today’s project is to read through all my unpublished materials (or most of it) and decide what precisely I’ll be speaking about in 2 weeks time for my next public lecture.  AND, ideally what I will be submitting as a chapter of an edited volume by September 30.  They need not be the same but thing.

Facing my corpus of unpublished papers is a little like staring into a treasure chest and also into a closet full of skeletons.  I’ve been hoarding them.   Waiting for just the right moment.  Why?  Who knows!  Maybe I’ll figure that out.

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