Oh the frustrations!


I am so angry.  All the nitty gritty of edits are done on the chapter and I just need a clear head to address the “not-so-anonymous” peer-reviewer’s open ended comments on my conclusions where he wants more argumentation some in a direction I want to go, some I will not address.   So I go looking for some new bibliography on an online journal that tells you what articles are forthcoming, pre-release.  One is on exactly the same subject as the first major case-study of my  current chapter.  A case study I wrote up  and submitted for publication in January 2012.   Now, because I had to wait 15 months for feedback and there will be further delays down the road this other guys article will be out and about and easily accessible for the whole world to see long before mine.  If mine had come out in a timely fashion he’d be citing me instead of visa versa.   And my conspiracy theory mind is just sure he must have been at conference and stolen my ideas!  Because no two academic ever can come up with the same topic independently. [Insert sarcmark here.]  And yet I vaguely remember someone writing me asking for a copy of the piece.  I don’t share unpublished work so I may have just ignored the query.  It might have been him doing due diligence.  Anyway.  He’s a junior scholar.  I should be gracious and benevolent in my feelings towards his growing engagment in the field and publication success.  Instead I only feel shame at my own disengagement from the culture of publishing in academic journals with reasonable publication timetables.

Time to go find a coin or three to cheer me up.

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