10 out of 410 Days: SCOTUS is distracting


My goodness it has been hard to get anything done this morning.  Late night with good friends should have meant a terrible run but unexpectedly I felt stronger and faster and happier than any previous run in the past 10 days. Spotted this adorable LittleFreeLibrary — what a great neighborly thing to do! Ran into (not literally thank goodness) a girl who I used to tutor at the public library in the first year after she and her family arrived from Bangladesh.  She was so happy to tell me that she got at 91 on the Regents this past year.  Got home to the news on DOMA.  Haven’t done much since.  

Waivering between excitement and panic on the idea of going to Turkey for 10 months.  Had a student as me to be their PhD thesis supervisor will probably do it but only once I’m back.   Okay, lets see if we can salvage the afternoon for something academic. 

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